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Breast enlargement stories from our visitors

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Breast enlargement stories section is the latest addition to our web page. After a number of women e-mailed us with the stories of their breast augmentation, we decided it would be great to get their permission to share the stories with all women trying to find this kind of 'insider' information. We got the permision to publish these personal stories:

My decision to enhance
by Tamara - Dallas, TX
I have hated my breasts since I was 13. Boys kept teasing me about my small breasts all the time. I hated myself and did not know what to do. Needless to say I did not date and was very shy. I knew about breast implants but I thought they would not work for me. Eventually, when I was 22 my Mother went with me to a plastic surgeon and he convinced me I was a good candidate for the breast augmentation surgery. I went from A to C. The surgery went great. I noticed immediately that people started looking at me differently, I started getting a lot of attention from men. My life changed. I feel that my Mother gave me the gift of life for the second time. Oh yeah... now I am happily maried and have two energetic boys.

Why not?
by Natalia - Atlanta, GA
I need to admit that my opinion about the breast augmentation changed significantly as I made more research about it. I have read a lot of breast enlargement stories and I used to be very judgmental about the surgery I had not very favorable opinions about those who decided to go under the knife. However, after observing many of many friends who have undergone the breast enlargement procedure I actually realized that the surgery made their lives easier and happier. It might sound very superficial but I really noticed the difference before and after the surgery. Now, having said that I believe that not everybody makes a good candidate for the breast enlargement surgery. Mistakenly, women tend to believe that the breast augmentation will miraculously eliminate their problems. People tend to think of cosmetic surgeries as solution to their mental disorders and those people should be discouraged from undergoing one. My breast is not in the best condition and just couple years ago I would say NO to the surgeryRight now I am close to 50/50 for a chance of having oneIt will most likely get closer and closer to YES as I am approaching the right for surgery age.

Breast Augmentation - my experience
by Joanna - New York, NY
In 2002 my husband asked me if I would like to do breasts enlargement surgery. I was suprised at first, but later he explained his suggestion. He told me he had noticed that I was always wearing push-up bras so my breasts would apear to look fuller. That statement happend to be hurtful to me. I was totally irritated. I felt it was untrue. I was size B (in my mind "big B"), and did not have any size problem. I started analyzing what was said. I realized I felt good with my looks so long as I was around women with breasts of the same size as mine or smaller. Socializing with girlfriends whose breasts were size D or bigger made feeling uncomfortable, and my sel-esteem was getting low. I began rethinking how I really felt about my breasts, and then the new aspects of choosing this transformation came to my mind: "I can change my appereance in this lifetime, I can have beautifull, large breasts, look great in swim suits etc". A week after my husband's suggestion of plastic surgery I made a decision of doing it. We have decided to see a board certified plastic surgeon suggested by a friend of ours. I had asked plenty of questions to the doctor before the operation was done. The most important for me was to get the information about possibility of breast feeding post surgery. I have known my whole life I wanted to nurse my babies when the time comes for it. My surgeon told I would be fine, and ready for that unless I have some particular problems with the tissue built in my breasts. In July of 2002 I had my breast enlargement surgery. I was in strong pain for 3 days, and in a lesser pain for a week. I felt like newly born with larger breasts. I was soo happy. I started to shop for new bras and swim suits. All my blouses with big openings looked on me perfect. In 2005 I gave birth to a baby boy, and I breastfed him for 9 months, and then in 2008 I had my daughter who I nursed for about 4 months. I am so happy now with my new looks and beautiful kids. Everything went so well, and as planned. I hope my story will help others in making decisions about this great transformation accomplished through the breast enlargement surgery. I wish everyone was as happy as I am.

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