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This site is created for all women contemplating breast implants.

Do you have a feeling that your breasts are too small? Are you uncomfortable in a bathing suit? Or ... your clothes fit perfectly around your hips but are too large at the bustline?

Probably this is why you are on our website. You are not alone. Breast augmentation (mammoplasty) became the most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States (384,000 surgery procedures in 2006). For many women, the results of breast enhancement can be very satisfying, even empowering, as they learn to appreciate their new appearance.

You will find here information about breast enlargement procedures also called breast enhancement, implant types, and risks associated with this surgery. Our goal is to provide you with detailed information about what is involved - an important first step in making an informed decision if breast augmentation is the right choice for you. Additionally, you will learn about financial aspects of this surgery - including plastic surgery financing and breast augmentation insurance issues. Our website provides also resources needed to find plastic surgeons near you and evaluate plastic surgeons.

Breast implant surgery
Learn about breast implant surgery, submuscular, subglandular, subfascial, and subpectoral implant locations. Compare inframammary, periareolar, transaxillary, and transumbilical incision sites.

Breast implants
Learn about saline, silicone, cohesive, and gummy bear breast implants, implant shape, profile, size, and texture. Understand implant fill volume and overfilling.

Breast implant risks
Understand the breast implant risks. Learn about breast augmentation risks like capsular contraction before you make decision about this cosmetic surgery.

Find Plastic Surgeon Near You
Find plastic surgeon near you. Use our US map or list of US states to locate plastic surgeon near you.

Breast implant glossary
Breast implant glossary. Learn about important terms related to breast augmentation surgery, for example galactorrhea or capsular contracture.

Breast Enlargement Survey
Our Breast Enlargement Survey. Participate in our survey and help everyone interested find out what cup size change is the most desired in breast enlargement..

Breast implants and mammograms
Breast implants and mammograms. Did you know that breast implants may interfere with your mammography and breast cancer screening?

Breast Implant News
Latest breast implant news, research, and studies. We try to keep you updated on the latest information related to breast implants.

BreastImplantsCenter Blog
Latest information about breast enlargement procedures, implant types, and risks associated with this surgery.

Breast Enlargement Stories
Breast enlargement stories from our visitors. Breast augmentation is one of the most private types of plastic surgery for women. Read other women breast enhancement stories and share your own.

Choosing a plastic surgeon
Choosing a plastic surgeon. Your choice of plastic surgeon is very critical - statistics show that good credentials of your doctor tend to increase chances for good result of your plastic surgery.

Breast Enlargement Consultation
Breast enlargement consultation. Are you ready for breast augmentation? Read our tips about what questions to ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

Breast augmentation insurance
Breast augmentation insurance coverage. Your breast implants surgery and treatment of possible complications is not likely to be covered by your health insurance policy.

Implants cost
Breast implants cost. Did you know that the total cost of the breast augmentation surgery is a combination of many components?

Augmentation recovery
Breast augmentation recovery. What are the typical breast augmentation post-op instructions, what factors are going to impact your recovery time, and how to plan your augmentation recovery period.

Plastic surgery financing
Plastic surgery financing. Know your options, contact lenders. Thanks to plastic surgery loans breast augmentation surgery is no longer reserved only for the rich.

Breast augmentation candidates
Which women are best breast augmentation candidates and plastic surgery candidates, and which are not?

Plastic Surgery Articles
This page provides links to our collection of plastic surgery articles.

Breast Augmentation Clinical Trials
Learn about breast augmentation clinical trials and studies and find out if you are eligible to participate.

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